How to Cling to Jesus When You Don’t Understand

Hi guys! Wow it feels so good to be back and I’m ready to rock it! Over the weekend I had some professional pictures done for my blog so I’m really excited to be back into the swing of things.

14917098_1603336103304145_684044913595912623_oNow, I’ve been MIA for quite some time so let me tell y’all why.

I broke my leg.

Yes, you read that correctly. I BROKE my leg. What happened you ask?

Well, I went to an amateur bull riding competition and… just kidding it’s a stress fracture.

14449728_10209075630841670_7419729551366386377_nIf you haven’t ever broken a bone let me tell you, it takes A LOT out of you. Unfortunately I’ve had quite a few experiences with injuries and surgeries. Luckily I didn’t have surgery with this break. But, I’ve been in a boot every other year since 2012. My first surgery was back in  2006 though.

Through all of this I can’t help but think God is teaching me something. Actually, many things. The Lord is so good you guys. One thing I’ve been realizing is you can have joy in the midst of deep sorrow. I don’t understand why I’ve had so many surgeries and injuries with my ankles. I don’t understand why I had to quit soccer, the sport I played for 11 years, because of physical hindrances. I don’t understand why I broke my leg the day before I was supposed to go on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas. But what I do understand is that God is here and he is working in my life so evidently, my love for him is overwhelming.

I could look at these things that have happened to me and become angry but, why? It says in James to count all your trials as an opportunity. Sometimes I don’t like that verse because I just want to be mad. But, if I were to fall into the temptation of becoming angry because I think it will make me feel better what would I have accomplished? I would have successfully given the enemy what he wanted, and I would only be hurting myself. Yes things that have happened to me really suck. But God is so much bigger and better than that. Pain and sorrow are not from the Lord they are part of life. So I encourage all of you to cling to Jesus when pain comes your way because He is who gets you out of it not who puts you in it.

I’ve also been learning that I don’t always get to know why. That can be one of the most frustrating parts of life. But as I sit here and reflect, I begin to wonder how knowing why would put my mind at ease. If I knew why certain things happened the reason still wouldn’t make sense. So, we don’t get to know why we just get to praise Jesus through it all.  

unnamedI want all of you to be encouraged by this post. I don’t want to put a damper on your day by talking about depressing things. I want you to be excited that you get to praise Jesus! So here are a few practical steps you can take when you’re learning to cling to Jesus amongst confusion.

  1. Pray. Just talk to Jesus. He wants you to run to him. Pray even if you don’t hear anything. There really is power in prayer.
  2. Journal. I have been keeping a journal that has everything in it. My prayers, thoughts, dreams, and daily happenings and it has been a HUGE part of my daily devotional time. I am able to look back and see how God is answering my prayers and how he is working in my life.
  3. Be still. This one is hard for me. I want things to happen right away but I have to trust God’s timing. Trust that He is working in your life even though it may be a season of waiting.

So I pray that each and every one of you who read this leaves feeling refreshed, encouraged, and inspired. God chose you and loves you so much. Trust in His ways even when it’s hard.