My First Tattoo

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I’ve always liked the idea of a tattoo. Something so personal permanently cemented onto your body. Tattoos are not for everyone and I respect that. I always thought I would never pull up enough boldness to actually do it. But there I was, thinking I was there only supporting a friend, sitting in “the” chair about to acquire something so permanent, so personal, and so fun. I almost don’t know how I ended up there. But I did, and there were legions of emotions pouring out and I didn’t know how to express all of them at once. So I was calm, yet anxious. I was confident in the tattoo I chose. I always knew if I were ever to get one this is what it would be.

During the process I was in oceans of pain. It was so small and didn’t take very long but boy did it hurt. I was in so much pain I thought to myself “what am I doing to my body and why would anyone voluntarily do this to themselves?”. But ultimately I was happy I did it. This was a huge step for me to take and I thank God he gave me the boldness to do it.

I chose a cross because I wanted something biblical. I wanted to be reminded everyday of why I am here on earth. For a long time, I thought about an anchor. But personally I feel like that was just a trend or a phase and it would fade quickly. Sure enough, I was right. I chose a cross because it’s so timeless and classic. The cross is the first thing I think of when I think of my savior. The cross is my reminder of how much God truly loves us.


I also chose my wrist because I wanted to be able to see it. I want to be reminded every single day of how I want to live and who I want living through me. This may seem like a long post for such a small thing but every tattoo tells a story and I would love to hear yours!  You can connect with me here, on twitter, facebook, and instagram.



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