Choosing Your Friends

image1 (9)This has been a long awaited post. I knew ever since I started blogging that this would be a post I would eventually put out for the world to see. It is so close to my heart but it’s not necessarily the most fun thing to talk about. Because honestly, sometimes friends aren’t really nice people. My whole entire life my parents have taught me how to be a great friend. Whether they knew they were teaching me or not, they were and I take it seriously. Being a loyal friend is one of the most important things in my life. I make it a point to treat people the way I want to be treated. Now unfortunately throughout my life I was mistreated, taken for granted, and bullied by people I called or hoped to call my friends. It took me a long time to call someone my best friend again and I still struggle with it.

Growing up I was always nice to others and wanted more than anything to have a group of friends but I never did. I mean, there were a few people I would talk to at school but at the end of the day they weren’t there. I would occasionally become really close with someone and we would be “best friends” but then something changed and they became mean. I didn’t understand why that happened and still to this day I don’t fully understand it. But I do know that through all of that God was there. He gave me the strength to walk away from a friendship when I wasn’t being treated right. I still loved them but I just chose to love them from a distance. Because the truth is, we don’t have to be friends with people we don’t want to be friends with. I understand people go through tough times and you can absolutely work through it but ultimately you need to decide whether this is a phase or who they are. I thank God for each and every friend I have and I thank God I am able to walk away from a toxic situation.

I am very careful around new friends because I don’t want to become too emotionally invested in the friendship for it to turn out the wrong way. I love people and I love them deeply so for me to walk away from a friendship is difficult. So I’m not saying choosing your friends is easy but I am saying it’s necessary for your ultimate happiness. If someone is bringing unnecessary drama into my life I walk away and love them from a distance. True friends will build you up and encourage you. For a long time I almost thought true friends didn’t exist but I kept praying. I prayed for Godly friends to come into my life and I finally have them. I am so thankful and so happy to be surrounded by all these wonderful people. If you are becoming discouraged I challenge you to keep praying. Pray hard, pray often, and pray intentionally.13925140_10208594844327398_6143967039518719878_n


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