What I Love about Summer

Hey all! I hope you had an amazing summer wherever you are. There are things about each season that I adore but I can never get enough summer! I LOVE SUMMER TIME! So I thought I would share my top faves about this glorious season.

image1 (7)1. The Fair.

BECAUSE LOOK. Isn’t it the cutest little thing? image2 (3)I also enjoy the rides tremendously! I love being out at the fairgrounds all day feeling like a kid again. Riding rides, petting animals, eating food, and enjoying every second.

2. Time with friends.

I’ve struggled with having friends my whole entire life up until recently (that’s a whole different post) but this summer I have been soaking up every minute I get with these precious people God has blessed me with.

3. Swimming.

Need I say more? Just look at that floatie.

image1 (4)

4. Tan lines.

Call me crazy. But there is more to tan lines than making the color of your body uneven, tan lines tell a story. Have you ever had some insane looking tan line and as people point it out you end up telling them how you obtained  that undesirable line that separates a darker color from your embarrassingly lighter color? You probably have. But now that you think about it doesn’t laughter and joy derive from those stories? Exactly. That’s why I love tan lines.

Well lovelies those are my top 4 favorites of summer. I would LOVE to know what you love about summer. You can connect with me by commenting on here, facebook, twitter, and instagram. I can’t wait to hear your faves!


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