How God Works in Small Ways with a Big Impact

So I told y’all I spent a long weekend at Bethel in Redding CA. But what I haven’t talked about is the amazing deliverance I received. I want to share this with you because it is the greatest testimony of how God can work in your life without you realizing what he is doing.

image1 (6)To start, while we were making the treacherous 10 hour drive down to sweet Cali we spent some time journaling and asking God what he wanted to do in our lives. I wrote down a lot of things that had to do with physical healing. I so desperately wanted to receive my long awaited healing in my physical body. My heart was set, my faith was strong, and I was determined. I also wrote down the word deliverance. At the time I didn’t understand why, I knew what the word meant but I didn’t think that word applied to me specifically. Once we arrived on Thursday evening we went to the prayer house to spend some time in God’s presence. A lot of people were receiving great and powerful words from the Lord but I was still feeling numb, and emotionless which left me feeling angry, confused, and frustrated. But I thought to myself “It’s only Thursday. I have the whole weekend to connect with the Lord.”

On Friday we spent the day at the lake. Talk about a beautiful creation. While at the lake I really felt like God was telling me I don’t have to cry to feel his presence. There are a million other ways to express emotion. Believe it or not that was very eye opening for me. For some odd reason I always believed I had to cry in order to really feel the presence of the Lord. Then Friday evening we went to service. Church was good but not great. I was really confused. During worship I just didn’t feel connected. I think because I was expecting something so big I didn’t realize that God can work through you in smaller ways but have the same big impact. After worship while we were still up in the front the pastor started to pray and I felt refreshed I thought “this is it. My healing is about to come.” But it didn’t. Although I felt something leave out of my body I still felt the pain. I did not understand. I was completely confused.

Saturday came and my pain was still prevalent. A group of us went to the Healing Rooms at Bethel and I was STOKED. I just knew I was going to be healed. Something big was about to happen and I was expectant. Throughout the sessions I was just anxious. Waiting for the pain to subside. It never did. Although thankfully the Lord took away the distraction it was causing but it was disappointingly still there. After a few hours I was finally receiving some prayer from the prayer team. They spoke the words of the Lord over my life and declared healing in the name of Jesus. I didn’t feel the pain leave. It was STILL there. I didn’t understand. After another prayer they all seemed to notice something different. There words were “Whoa. I felt that. You look different. You look great.” I appreciated their words but my bewilderment became overwhelming. I sat in a chair with a blank stare, wondering why my physical healing didn’t come. I chose not to be negative but I was frustrated. We then went to spend the rest of the day at the lake and I was ready to put my anger aside and have some fun. It was a great time with friends and we had some really precious time with the Lord under the stars.

Lastly, Sunday was here and I was ready. Ready to receive my physical healing I was convinced would happen. Service went well and afterwards I went up to get prayer. I let her know about my physical pain and also how I was feeling stuck, numb, and frustrated. She prayed a sweet prayer over me and gave me the word on Calm Delight. Afterwards I felt so happy. I felt such joy in my heart. I then realized that I was delivered from depression. Something I had been struggling with for a long time. The chemical imbalance inside me was gone. The thing that was making its home in my heart even though it didn’t belong, left. It’s gone. It is 100% gone and I am AMAZED. The whole time I was expecting a physical healing I didn’t realize God was delivering me from something that has held me back even more than my physical pain. It all came together on Sunday. I wrote down the word deliverance because God has delivered me, I felt something leave my body thinking it was physical pain but it was depression, the prayer team felt the presence of the Lord come and lift the burden of depression off of me which left me looking different.13975482_10208758709598837_2333850232916663385_o

I love that God showed up and totally threw me for a loop. I was expecting something big and something big happened. Although it wasn’t what I was preparing my heart for it was something I needed and I am so gracious for the deliverance God has blessed me with. I hope this story has encouraged you with whatever you’re going through. Its amazing how God can work and do something miraculous when you were least expecting it. 


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