My Bucket List

Recently I decided to make a bucket list. I always thought these were pointless and just plain silly. But I went for it and it really gave me such a sense of adventure which I think is SO important. Without adventure, where are you going? These are all experiences I have always wanted to do and I’m now making it a point to do them. There are a few I will be crossing of next month and there is a couple I have already crossed off!

image1 (4)

  1. Go to Bahamas
  2. Go on a cruise
  3. Go to atlantis water park
  4. Go to Disneyworld
  5. Go to all 50 states
  6. Zip line
  7. Ride horses in Canada
  8. Go to times square in nyc
  9. Go to austrailia
  10. Go on a safari in Africa
  11. Go to the san diego zoo
  12. See fireflies
  13. Go glamping
  14. Hike Palouse falls
  15. Hike Multnomah falls
  16. Go to Las Vegas
  17. Go swimming at midnight
  18. Go to Santorini Greece
  19. Ride a camel or elephant
  20. Ride in first class
  21. Voo doo donuts

I hope this list has inspired you to make your own! If so, then please share it with me! I want to see what YOU want to do.


One thought on “My Bucket List

  1. This is a great idea, to write them down and not just keep them in my head! Thank you for sharing and along the way, share others that you cross off 🙂


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