You are More Than Enough

You are enough.FullSizeRender 

There is not one part of you that God wishes wasn’t there. You are made in the image of the glorious and wonderful Savior. So many times I’ve failed and thought (like actually thought) God doesn’t love me when I do this. Do you know how much of a lie that is? A big huge stinkin’ fat gross lie!

You are loved, so loved. You don’t have to try to be better in order for God to love you. He loves you now. In all your imperfected beauty, he loves you. Loves you. Please take a moment and understand what I’m saying. There is nothing you can do to make God stop loving and caring for you. 

I struggle with clinical depression. I absolutely hate it but it’s a struggle that I have in my life that I need to overcome. I will overcome it,  but right now in the midst of this trial and tribulation I have to remind myself that I am still enough for God. Even though I don’t feel or think that on a daily basis. I need to let myself know that he loves me and it’s okay to be loved. I think some people get it in their head that they shouldn’t be loved because either they don’t feel like they deserve it or they feel like they can give themselves the love they need by pouring their heart into worldly things. Please know that God is the only one who can fully satisfy you. Nothing and no one in this world will love you as much as God does. Because we’re selfish. But we’re also enough for Christ to love, care, nurture, and guide.

If you choose to pour your heart into the word, your life will reflect it and you just might be surprised of what you can accomplish. When you’re feeling down I pray that you have the strength to stand against the enemy and declare that you are a child of God and you are enough.IMG_2328


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